Frequently Asked Questions

Does John come to my location?

Yes, in fact John does 90% of his work at his customer’s business and residences.

What areas does John serve?

Generally, Ada, Canyon, Gem, Boise, Payette, and the Oregon border region. Of course he is willing to travel, with paid travel occurring about an hour from his office.

What are John’s hours of business?

Customers sometimes need work done outside normal business hours, and John is flexible.

Appointments are typically morning, afternoon, and evening weekdays with a smattering of Saturdays. He does what it takes to meet his customer’s needs.

What does John work on?

John repairs notebooks, laptops, desktops and some printing problems. Most of the work involves Microsoft systems (PC’s), with the occasional MAC.

He troubleshoots and corrects Internet connection and network failures.

He can test and recommend repair vs. replacement strategies.

If the necessary service is outside John’s spectrum (example: web page construction), he usually has someone who he can recommend.

Is there anything I can do before I call John?

1. The data is usually more important than the equipment. If you can, making sure there is a backup is the next step.

2. Remove any disks from drives and shut down the machine.

3. When you start up the computer make a note of anything unusual that it does, including error messages.

4. How old is the computer (about)?

What can I expect when I make my first call?

The first step is to get a brief idea of the problem and quickly weigh the merits of repair v. replacement. In most situations replacement doesn’t show up on the horizon so the client receives a ballpark estimate and, perhaps, alternatives to surgery.

Is there anything I can do before John arrives?

1. Gather all the CD’s and DVD’s that came with the computer, or programs you want John to work on.

2. Make a list of the things you do or the programs you use most frequently (what is important).

3. Have your Internet user name and password (if necessary).

4. Have your E-mail user name and password.